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Cuddly cortex

Take a look at the photo on the 1953 Woman’s Own … Now picture the situation I found myself in the other day …..

There was I – in a lovely Hampshire County Council care home in Gosport – towards the end of a reminiscence piece about the year 1953 …. Residents of mixed stages of dementia ….

I mention the various souvenirs of the coronation and show this magazine around … A lot of ‘ahhhs’ ensue !

Then one lady goes a step further with her response – she wants to ‘hold’ him …. ‘him’ being a 4 year old Prince Charles! But of course it was just a photo of him – not the real thing ! I was really struck by the strong instinctive urge to ‘cuddle’ !

Well – no surprise really – we all like cuddling don’t we !? Infact – the following day I was on the South Bank of the Thames … A city break …. There outside the Tate Modern was a group of assorted lads and lassies all holding little placards saying ‘Free Hugs’ ! Tentatively at first … I took my first freebie … Then relaxing into the idea … Took a further 6 ! Fabulous !

Keep on cuddling ! It’s a life force !


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