Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis has been working with the elderly for the past 10 years in the private and public sectors. In 2002 Hampshire Country Council commissioned Trisha to write and deliver a piece of entertainment specifically for the elderly combining visual and auditory triggers on a theme based around the 1950’s.  Following the success of this piece, Trisha produced 5 more shows based around the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and became a valued contributor to H.C.C.’s  ‘Active Hearts’ programme.  Having undertaken Age Exchange and Jackie Pool training Trisha has developed and delivered reminiscence sessions with the active elderly through to persons with a dementia.  She has also delivered training sessions entitled ‘Communication through Reminiscence’ for BUPA activity organisers/carers/relatives and ‘Reminiscence in Dementia’ (PACT/HCC) for Activity organisers and those working with the elderly in the community.   Trisha Lewis graduated from Bournemouth University in 2005 with a BA (hons) in Communication which included a specific ‘training’ module in the final year. Trisha has a genuine interest in people and a slight obsession in researching the past – particularly the 1950’s. Born in the late 50’s herself she has a many recollections of a lot of years!

Trisha has worked in 100’s of care homes/day centres/ community clubs – private and council run – with close associations with Hampshire County Council, Bournemouth County Council, Colten Care, Sunrise Senior Living, BUPA, Care South, Sovereign Housing and a myriad of independent homes.

Having been part of over 1000 reminiscence sessions in many different settings Trisha has a vast amount of ‘hands on’ experience to share. Ho saving seen the highs and lows, positives and negatives and above all the wonder of the individual – Trisha is keen to share her observations and join with others on this complex and challenging coalface !

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